Monday, December 29, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

US and the city: "Hysterical Nite!"

Friday nite, KLCC and the three of us, what more can I ask for? It all started of me wanting to watch the recent local horor movie Histeria too much that i have to drag my girls along.haha..unfortunately my good intention of supporting our local industry was not really paid off since histeria the movie does not give me the expectation that i have always envisioned. I guessed watching histeria with my two bestfriends, Qme and Hana was even more hysterical..haha..esp Hana yang Over hiding behind her shawl and suddenly terkejut ng mamat yang tetiba jer lari kat blkg our seats!haha..that was hysterical!

Just after the movie, around 11.30 pm, we went to DOME for a cup of tea. Although it was kinda late but we just need the half n hour time to share just about everyting but definitly no GOSSIPS. Oh yeah did i tell you that hana had this crazy idea of exchanging gifts for the new year? Since its kinda uncertain to meet during new year so we decided to have it on the same nite. But you know what?Such crazy idea can turned out the greatEST! Its was fun getting those little things but indeed very personal. Let the pictures do the talking. Keep on scrolling :)

Yeay...I love Pressies! ...from Qme, a handmade journal album(OMG I was so *%^%$)and mmm~~this lovely gift is from Hana!
this is wut i got for my girls advance new year's gift?Guess what's in the box?TM diary?euww..its so NOT!

Taraaa..its the mirror mirror on the hand..hehe..The Special Edition Anna Sui hand mirror a.k.a cermin Puteri Salju..hahaha.Hope you love it. Thanks girls for the beautiful gifts, for the time and for the 10 great years of friendship. Lots of hugs and kisses!!

“..Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, that is why they call it present..” - Master Oogway -

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From The Heart of Cino

cino: i miss my mommy. i think of her all the time :(
cino: when mommy is not around, i chill alot with my sister cumi.we do things together, we play, we watch tv but yeah we got into fight sometimes!meow!

cino:this is where i will be when i cry and sulk.
cino:i want my mommy!
Papa yad, pls have me at ampang jaya. i promise i will be good :(

Monday, December 22, 2008

martha stewart everyday

hello everyone. look what i just bought? its Martha Stewart mugs..they are gorgeous and cheap too. now i cant wait to have my hot chocolate in my new Martha Stewart everyday collection.isn't it a good thing?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

:) Im Smilling (:

My Chin is up..yes im smiling..i had a great weekend. Thank you hubby, Seeda, Seepi and my ex- schoolmates for making my weekend so beautiful and not forgotten to Sheila Majid for making my closing weekend a remarkable one.

Mr Cool Yaddie
My darling Yaddie went abroad for another round of negotiation in Turkmenistan from Monday until Sunday. At first, I was kinda pissed bcoz my two fave people, Seeda & Seepi is coming over this weekend and hubby will not be around..urghh! But One fine Saturday morning, my phone rang, yeah it was my Yaddie and tara..guess what? he was already at Bangkok!..and his flight to KL is about another 2-3 hours.Yeay he made it!

Seeda & Seepi
Seeda & Seepi (Ida & Epi) arrived KL on Friday afternoon. One of our mission over the weekend was for me to learn how to make Seepi's Mom Speciality, Nasi Lemak BJ. So what we did on that Friday nite was to prepare the ingredients for the sambal that involved from cutting the dried chilis into pieces, boiled em',toast em' and blend em!

The next morning, around 6 am, we were all enthusiastically awake and ready to cook nasi lemak. Lots of funny tragedy happened that morning haha but alhamdulillah we managed and successfully made around 20 bungkus of delicous nasi lemak. Around 8.30 am, i started doing the nasi lemak delivery to my MIL(mother in law) and my parents home and yes they loved it!Yes mission accomplished!

My ex-schoolmates
After a rush morning making Seepi & Seeda secret recipe nasi lemak, at abt 11 am, we went to Nandos Ampang Point for our date with our ex schoolmates. It was a last minute plan and yeah last minute plan always turned out GREAT!This is us ex-SMSP:From left Yan, Seeda, Sad, Anis and Me!

Us ( Seeda, Seepi, Yaddie and cute lil Daniel)
At about 1.30 pm we went straight to KLIA to get my Mr Cool Yaddie...(oh baybeh here i come..hehe) Mr Yaddie just cant wait to go home to relish our nasi lemak..hehe..and yes Mr Yaddie said..SEDAPNYA...which means SUKSESS SUKSESS hehe

Sunday came and it was time for Seepi and Seeda to go. I was so sedehh because I wish time wont fly that fast..I wanted to spend more time with them.They left around 8.40 pm.

Sheila Majid
While i was lying on my bed, holding the remote control, really cant decide what to watch, suddenly it was Zoom In with Sheila @ rtm1. Yahooo...I was so happy that i cant stop myself singing until the end of the show.I love Sheila.. Percayalah...hanya kaulah di hatiku...kasih...oh yes, I love you Sheila..I had the greatest weekend ever and now i can sleep with a big grin on my face and off course with my Mr Yaddie by my side. Thank you Allah for this great life. Amin

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i miss you..

i miss blogging.Ive been to bz with my virtual boutique and my new job.wish i could write more but time is not with me now.goodnite :(
p/s:i miss u qme,hana,lily,irda,iris,veen,ifa n all(u know who u r)