Sunday, November 4, 2012

MWMF Charity Hi Tea at Carcosa Seri Negara

While Raisa is sleeping, I am taking this opportunity to share with all of you on a great day i had yesterday.
I was at Malaysian Working Mothers Forum Charity Hi Tea Event and enjoyed myself to the fullest!To be honest, the reason that brought me to this event  apart from the charity activity is because to give my full support to my bestie,Veen, the Founder/Executive Director of Malaysian Working Mothers Forum.My poor baby Raisa is unwell and on her 3rd day of viral fever so i should foremost thank my hubby for willing to take care of Raisa and gave me the Green Light to attend this event.

If you can see from the workshop topic on the program flier above, the first workshop i attended was by Dato Fazley Yaakob the 1st Malaysia Celebrity Masterchef on Hot Dad Who Cooks.It was cool that he taught us on how to prepare 2 simple meal, Crispy Salad and No Guilt Desert,both are HEALTY and so so DELICOUS!!Insyaallah, I will share the recipe soon in my next entry.

Next workshop i attended was on self defence, 'Dont Panic, Stay Alert' by Dr Ramlan Sensei. We were taught on how we should stay alert, focus and control our mind in any situation. Kinda interesting and i might consider attending the trial class soon!

Beautiful faces at MWMF Charity Hi Tea held Carcosa Seri Negara recently. From left above, pic of me with Sazzy Falak, Datin Azrene Suraya(Dato Fazley's wife),Veen Yassin, Dydy and Anis Salwati.
Here comes the interesting topic that i believe all working mothers waited for, 'I-phones or I LOVE -YOU?' by En Zaid Mohamad the parenting expert or should i called him the Dr Love :). What cool about his 30 mins presentation is that he stressed on what matters most in this life that is LOVE and it's always about the Quality Time rather than Quantity time.I am 100% agree with him because as a working mother, we only get to spend so little time with our loved ones.Quality time here means 100% attention ie you gotta unplugged urself with the V world..the virtual world..haha..sounds easy but trust me..aint that easy baybeh!Another cool advice from En Zaid is all of us should try to have a Sunday Gadget Free Day...hahaha...Did this just now as my first trial from 10am to 1pm.Not bad but will keep on trying!Maybe next Sunday..we'll see :)

Here comes the finale topic before i went home. I promised my hubby to be back home at 6pm sharp. Thank god i managed to catch all 4 topics although i didnt get to stay for the lucky draw.Not that reluctant because i usually have no luck when it comes to lucky draw.Hehe...

The last topic was also very important that is about MONEY, Cents & Sensibility - Managing Money In Marriage by Nazril Idrus,LVG. Couldnt agree more that if you want to have that peace of mind when you are retired, u gotta save and invest correctly!Actually hubby did engange LVG since last year for his financial investments.

Kudos to Veen Yassin & her team for organizing such an Informative & Classy Event.You've got my thumbs up babe!!

I so look forward to FAB, FIT & FRESH 2013!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Blast From The Past - Part 1 : My Parisian 32nd Birthday Bash

Ooh Laa Laa!! I love my 32nd Birthday Bash and thanks to my besties Veen Yassin & Cat Ross for making it such a memorable day for me.I hope that our plan on Dream Catchers will come true.XOXO!
(will write more soon )

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Raisa's 3rd Birthday - Barbie Birthday Party in Setiawangsa!!!

Hello...Yes!! Im still alive.After two years, today, i decided to blog again.And now im going to share about my baby who just turned three last week.

Theme as you can see is Glam Barbie and requested by the birthday girl herself. I always wanted a pastel color garden theme party for her but 'Raisa, your wish is my command baby!'

It was just a small do party at home for family and close friends. To make the event more interesting and meaningful for the kiddos, i have transformed our small car porch into Glam Barbie Wonderland :)

No biggie about the wonderland...just a small photo booth, desert buffet table, kids dining area, pinkish castle tent, pinata and baloons..baloons and baloons.

Here's the birthday girl in her glam dress.Isnt she lovely :P

We are still THREE.
Great moments with Raisa's fave aunties aka mommy's besties, Aunty Veen, Aunty Cat & Aunty Qme.
Raisa and her Maklang and cousins enjoying the delish glam cake by
Raisa's Aunty girl and sis Mira were so kind enough to host a make up session for the kiddos.The girls were all excited and lookin FABULOUS!!
Hitting the pinata was tough and absolutely not for 3 year-old-kid!Imran did the hit for Raisa and thousand of candiessss dropped all over the place.It was Madness!!
Alhamdulillah.Thank you Opah Raisa for kind enough to sponsor the food, Atuk Raisa for the fruits, Mama Raisa/Kaklong for the desert, Opahcu Raisa/Wancu for cooking super delish meal, Uncle Fasli for being such a patient 'door gifts' shopping buddy and everyone for making Raisa's Bday a success. We hope it was a memorable event for everyone and off course for the birthday girl.Raisa, r u enjoicee??
 Pic above: Close up of Imran, the Pinata boy! LOL!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wassup Y'all

Wow..its been awhile.Would love to update more especially on Raisa's development but time is just not with me now.Raisa is 7 months plus and being seven god knows how pretty playful she can be,she wanted to explore almost everything.. she's started to walk slowly and keep on goo goo gaa gaaing.Her first word was MaMa and now started to call me "aammii"..aww she's just so adorable that i wish i could be with her all the time.

Raisa's daddy a.k.a My other baby :) is flying off again tomorow to Dubai and then to Turkmenistan.Looks like im gonna be left again :( but not alone this time :)

Okay thanks a lot for the wassup email and notes.Insyaallah will update more soon.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Motherhood Rocks!!

Raisa is 1 month and 17 days today,which means i have not blog ever-since and i have another 13 more days to spent the Q-time with my precious Raisa. Its kinda scary thinking how time flies, still feels like as though she was still in my tummy, kicking and i only get to see those cute little face once a week via ultrasound, the minute i know, now she's on my lap, sleeping. Yeah..Raisa is so attached to me that she just want to be with me all the time.

Okay,well i have a lot to share, lets start with how Raisa finally decided to see the wait.. she was actually force to see the world..that's more like it..hehe.

As scheduled, I was induced for labor on Friday(23Oct) afternoon at 2pm. I waited for a few hours, there was no pain at all.My gut feeling strongly tells me that its gonna be long hours of waiting. Ive learnt from few friends that force labor requires extra patience because it can takes more than 24 hours to dilate...but thank god my gut feeling was wrong!!My water bag broke at 7.30pm. and labor i come!!

At 7.45 pm I dilated around 5 cms and still there was no pain which construed me to not opt for epidural.(what was I thinking????).

At 9pm, i was extremely excited..WHY?...becoz i get to watch 'Nurkasih'.20 minutes later..i started to feel the CONTRACTION. The pain was greater and greater. I was adviced to take the gas, which claimed to ease the pain, but hell NO..not only i can still feel the pain, i was drowsy, i got high and was completely not myself!I cant control myself, I was screaming...I saw my hubby's 10 faces.It was a nightmare. My prince charming came to the rescue, my hubby managed to calm me down and after the 3rd push attempted..Raisa has officially ready to meet her mommy and daddy.The time was 9.53pm.After 3 days and 2 nights stay at Ampang Puteri Premier Ward, my gynecologist has finally set us free, 'we're going home Raisa!Yeay....
....but not for long
. Raisa suddenly turned yellow n it was a red alarm for us.She was confirmed jaundice at 15.9 n had to be warded.I was almost crazy to be separated from her for 3 long days.I cried and cried but thank god Ampang Puteri Hosp is only 5 mins from home. Wut i did was, I stayed at the hospital from as early as 7 am till as late as 1 am. It was painful for me to watch my baby undergoing the photo therapy treatment.Fortunately, it was not for long. Raisa's jaundice reading was very positive that it has decreased tremendously from15.9 to 9.6 on the 2nd day and followed by 7.3 on the 3rd day. Raisa is finally back in my arms again. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Sleepless nights, joyful tears, joyless tears...a new chapter in life begins. A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

To Baby Raisa, Be a good daughter and always know, that no matter what happened, mommy will love you endlessly.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Siti Raisa Imani

Baby Raisa,
Mommy is making you, your first ever video while you were sleeping. Muahhsss

*Mommy loves you*

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Enjoying Motherhood

Introducing my love.. my happiness, Siti Raisa Imani

Monday, October 12, 2009

A surprise Baby Shower for my dear Veen!!

It took us one week to plan just about everything. I'm so glad it all went well despite me being 'not so well'.The funny part was Veen had no clue that we are preparing this for her. I have to made up stories just to drag her to the Apartment KLCC last Sunday. Thank god, it all turned out just as planned!

Anyway, My baby is still happily staying in my tummy...still enjoying all the nice food mummy is taking. Mommy is still waiting honey, but now, impatiently!
This gorgeous centerpiece is perfectly done by Yes. The baby shower favors, as u can see, the big milk bottle is actually a coins container decorated with ribbons and 'Its a Baby Boy' Hallmark cards are prepared by me.
I so love the purple n white helium balloons..Yes personally chose them since purple has always been Veen's fave color...and who would have ever thought that she would dress in purple top on that day?such a coincidence..she really did surprised us...aww so glad everything fell into places PERFECTLY!

The venue and food selection were done by me. The venue selection was basically based on the location, the coolest cafe that is the nearest to Ampang Putri Hospital, just incase if any emergency, u know what i mean ;). As for the food, I chose a bit of this and that, just to have varieties and the food are YUMMERS!! From left is steak sandwiches and on the right hand side is Peking Duck Crepe. The middle dish is my fave desert, "put it here,put it here"...hehe..yeah my Eton Mass..yummieee
Menu of the day:
Appetizer come main course
2 x Peking Duck Crepe
3 x steak sandwiches
3 x Baked Choc Pudding
2 x Eton Mass

All served in one go. And hey we managed to finished them all..hehe..its not a problem when u have 3 pregnant ladies, veen(9 months), cat(4 months +) & i(9 months +) in the house....we eat while we can!!
What most important is to make my dear friend Veen, happy!
"Veen, U have been so dear to me all these years and u deserve all the happiness in this world.Cant wait to see your cute lil' boy.Love you lots babe!Hugs**"

p/s: Thanks Yes, Cat & Naj for such a blast Sunday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All my bags are packed...Im ready to go!!

not so fast...looks like my baby is still enjoying herself in my big cepatlah kuar..come and meet the world sayang :) mommy cant wait to see you comel

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The helper/maid is finally here!!

Hello everyone!Here's my new maid, Asma. Very young and hopefully she is as energetic as she looks since i am desperately need a helper to make sure the house is clean and insyaallah to look after our baby when he/she is born soon. A lot relief for me becoz god knows how stressful i was when the maid was not around. Being 8 months pregnant and still wanting to do the house cores like before does leave an impact on me esp emotionally. I guessed, that's when my hubby decided to have the maid early. Who can actually stand a grumpy wife..hehe..i was not that bad!

Now, it is high time for her to be trained. My feet n fingers has started to be swollen, i cant even write a single word. Now i am started to walk like a mood swings are unpredictable and recently experiencing bad headache and tummy ache.
..I'm not complaining, just enjoying the motherhood moments :)