Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Surprise Baby Shower

Im sorry. I know I owe u guys 2 posts but i can only pre post one entry at the moment since i have not been well lately, down with mild fever, flue..terrified with the H1N1..gosh..i guess its all part and parcel of becoming a mother..a 'Strong' one!

One thing for sure, I just got to share with you on what had happened last Sunday. I was asleep the whole afternoon after buying a bouquet of pink roses for my bestfriend, Veen. She's throwing a birthday party in the evening at Delicious Marc Service Residence. My hubby woke me up a few times becoz he knew that no matter what, i really cannot missed this one. And so i finally woke up, and at that time my hubby was all ready and set to go. I rushed myself and we left home at about 5 pm. The party was supposed to start at 5pm. I was late!

As i was there, suddenly Veen came to me and said
" Iza,welcome to your Baby Shower Party"

Hubby was smiling and so does everyone. I was so shock! Speechless..amazed with the beautiful decor...just like what I've always imagined..small crowd, intimate moment with my loved ones. Veen has been planning this for almost a month, and my hubby n Qme have been conspiring with her all the while. Im so touched.

Here's the Party favour made from love. A personalised mix cd with songs for mommies, daddies, aunties, uncles and babies, a teddy bear keychain, personalised fridge magnet "Iza & Yad's Baby Shower" and "It's a Boy", 'It's a Girl" peppermint candies :) Perfectly done by VeenWith my BFFs.....Veen, Myself and Qme :) Thank you Veen for being so dear to me. We have been through a lot together..10 years of true friendship. To My darling hubby thank you for never failed to make me happy. To Qme thank you for always being there for me no matter how far you are..and to Yes, thank you for being so sweet & kind to me.

Mummy and Baby(in my tummy) are both very happy and we felt so blessed to have such wonderful people around us.

Smile :)