Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Iza Couture

Dear Friends,

Ive just launched my virtual boutique yesterday and to start off, I'm selling two types of beautiful hijab with varieties of colors and sizes. Come and shop at Iza Couture by entering the link below.

At the moment, My virtual boutique is still under interim phase. I shall update more by towards end of the week.

I'll c u there!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beautiful Centerpieces from Pottery Barn

Check them out at http://potterybarn.com
I so love the Monogram Candlepot from Pottery Barn

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chillin' @ Chillis !

Last minute plan will always turned out to be the best..dont u think so?.....nahh..dont buy my words but somehow yesterday evening with my girls was GREAT!! and yes it was a last minute thing!ahaks :) and yes to my surprise i was early by 10 minutes..hehe..and yes ive changed a lot ever since becoming my hubby dedicated driver! kekeke...

At first, we planned to meet up for coffee at DOME but Qme wanted to get herself a new MIXER..this lady u know she is really hmm.. should i call her...hmm..a domestic enthusiast..hehe...she cooks, she bakes, she even do the laundry for her fiancee!! not to mention that all her fiance's shirts..she did the pressing!! by H.E.R.S.E.L.F! Bravo ! Bravo! Way to go lady! Really looking fwd to taste Qme's speciality, Muffin with oreo's topping @ Danisha's coming Bday this Saturday!Yummerss.

So...Qme finally bought herself a new mixer @ Best Denki..memang Best K..ada peng'ayak' sekali...hahahaha...i cannot help myself laughing looking at Qme practising the ayak..tak henti-henti..that shows how excited she was with her new Philips Mixer..it looks cool though!

So..here comes another last minute plan..did i tell u that we were supposed to have a chill evening at the Dome but yea..yea..yea..we ended up chillin at CHILIS!

This was the first thing we did when we arrived @ Chilis! Pose baybeh....

...pose more baybeh..pose more! hahaha..we had a superchillin time! Wish we could hang out longer but by 8 pm sharp, our time is out! Its hubby Call! Such a short n sweet n hot n spicy moment..well...that's us chillin @ chillis!Ciao...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Foot Stool

Im looking for a round foot stool and at the moment im keeping my options open. As u can see the pic above is Kennedy Foot Stool by American Accents(AA) available at AA, Ampang City. Its gorgeous huh? Can anyone share with me where i can get more of these :)

Drama Queen?

Its already late but i cant seemed to close my eyes...maybe i had too much drama ..wut i meant ws the "TV drama"..not the drama~drama~..well at least not for tonight..ahaha....u know before i got married, i was so attached with my TV...i watched dramas from one series to another, yeah u can called it the-drama-marathon...everynite..but offcourse i was not alone..my mom was my best tv partner..hehe...somehow or rather, tonight was like one of those night i had then...never thought i can have this moment again..oh yeah did i tell u that my hubby was in Turkmenistan so i slept over at my parents place and thats the whole reason of the story of me n my dramas..hehe..wut am i talking about..i mustve watch too much drama...im such a Drama Queen! NOTT!
*missing my hubby so very much :( .. just finished watching 2 episodes of friends n now enjoying the re-run episodes of according to jim..next would be The Simpsonsssss...can somebody pls switch off my TV!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tagged Qsss

Well..well..well..Qme tagged me to answer all the questions below. I guessed theres no harm answering :) but pls do not analyze me ! ahaks :D

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday: 29 OMG!
2. Place you want to travel to: Paris ( Baby,hint*hint*)
3. Your favorite place: in his arms
4. Your favorite food: Taiwanese Beef glass noodle soup.Sllurp~
5. Your favorite pet: Definitely Cats! I love you cumi n cino!
6. Favorite color combination: Turqoise and Green
7. Favorite piece of clothing:Lingerie..ooOOOoo
8. Your all time favorite song:How do u keep the music playing - James Ingram & Patti Austin
9. Favorite TV show: None other than....FRIENDS!
10. First name of your significant other/crush:Danny Pintauro but off course before i knew that he's GAY!
11. Which town do you live in: Ampunk Sukses Sukses!
12. Your screen name/nickname:Destinyzas
13. Your first job: Squad Perodua Era
14. Your dream job:I want to be a singer! haha..well its just a dream..will keep on dreaming
15. One bad habit that you have: hmm sorry cant disclose..hahaha
16. Worst fear:Lizard!I hate lizard!
17: Things you'd like to do before you die:To perform Hajj
18. The 1st thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000:Charity!
19. Your husband:Mr Coolyad Khan :)

...........and now i would like to tag Anis and Kak Taty :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Montessori Annual Concert 2008

Today is my dear niece Sabrina's first ever concert at Montessori School Graduation Concert 2008 in Equatorial Hotel Melaka. My lovely niece, Sayang Acu ni, is 5 years old so her graduation will be next year. Sabrina loves all the attention so dancing on the stage infront of the crowd is never a problem to her. Oh yeah, we were all surprised to see her performed twice..hehe.. she has to represent another class, last minute ada budak tak dapat datang..since sabrina hafal semua step utk konsert tu..so dialah kena ganti..hehe..ure a STAR!

Sabrina in her beautiful indian costume..she's so sweet :)

sabrina with opah, atuk, mama n adik

with opah...my beautiful mother :)
Msg from Sabrina To Aunty Qme : Tengoklah gambar konsert kakak ni :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lets Get LOUD!

Yeay...the birthday boy gets overwhelmed just about everything ..the surprise party, the pressies...the people..the food...YUL was extremely happy...sampai tak nak balik rumah..hehe..i guessed my mission has accomplished. Alhamdulillah :) Im smiling with content right until now..hehe..I just love making kids HAPPY!

Yul, the birthday boy yang sangat over..hehe..and he just love to pose...just like ME! hehe

So here's how the party room looks like...I didnt get the helium baloons... :( well its a long story

Our family

While the man were pretty much serious watching the not so great game of Man U vs Arsenal and the kids enjoying themselves with their 'Pin the nose on the clown' Party Game...the ladies.....
were busy karaoke-ing..hehe..n this is me n my Mother in Law singing 'Antara Angin dan Jakarta'...and me again with my sister in law singing hmm banyak sangat lagu..really cant recall which particular song..hehe... we just love singing! its our cup of tea!chewahh..

We had a ONE great LOUD Party!! and definitely............

ONE great HAPPY family!

Friday, November 7, 2008

What's with the weather??

Just got back from Putrajaya and i wish i can have a quick nap...ngantuk and penat!! i think its the weather..so damn hot out there..Unfortunately, I cant have my nap now bcoz :
no 1. gonna hv dinner with hubby at 7.40pm
no 2. gotta watch High School Musical 3 with the kids at 9.00pm
...TTUL..im off to my Starworld with Simpsons! and According to Jim :)

p/s: So in love with "terima kasih cinta"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Too Beautiful To Resist!

I've always wanted to have a fireplace.. i mean just the mock up at our living room but hubby does not really fond of the idea..one thing for sure i wont give up although it has dragged me almost a year..i will keep bugging him until he says YES...hehe...wish me luck! This is the exact mock up of d fireplace ive always wanted...huhu.. There is something abt this photo tht i want to share. This beautiful room belongs to a man in Kentucky who decorated his entire basement using Sharpie markers..can u believe it? Its amazingly beautiful! There are more to view, click here.
These two beautiful mirrors from DILETTANTE, each with a romantic quote etched upon it ,are just so irresistible! I want one!or maybe both..hehehe...isn't it a good thing?
"Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?" (Christopher Marlowe)
"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" (William Shakespeare)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Itss all about the color!

The black goes into the white house...wohoo....suddenly i felt like goosebumps all over my body...Barrack Obama the 1st ever black man has made a huge history! Looks like McCain turns black and Obama goes white..that's more to it..dont u think so..hehe...i chose to reserve my comments on Obama since its just too early to tell but one thing for sure Obama's victory shd be seen as a decisive rejection of the last eight years of President George W Bush. I guessed its clear that everyone wanted the one same thing..we want the world to be a better place.That's All!

Okay lets get back to my real world, today is Yul's 9th Birthday. Since its wednesday and he is now sitting for a final exam, so we decided to throw his bday party over this weekend at our place. As a host and the party planner, first thing first, i need to get a theme n i was thinking of the color of red n yellow.... no 2. i need to shop at the party shop. After 'google'ing (was that even a word..hehe), oh yeah thanks anisa for helping me google'ing we found a Party Shop called Party Centre at Great Eastern Mall Ampang. So i went there and bought the banner, some party games for kids activities, party hats and lots of Baloons Baloons and balloons. Did u know that the helium baloons can only last for 8 hours. So i can only pick them up a few hours before the party started...lecehkan. So here's how the party stuff looks like.
Thats my hubby, jadi model party banner sekejap..ahaks..comel ni..muahhss!
Okay the rest i shall keep it for the PARTYYY...surprise!surprise! :).....oppss terlupa laks....
here's the birthday boy!! Yul yg kacak lagi hensem...hehehe...
We love you JOBOT!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Q-dees Setiawangsa Annual Concert

Phew...i thought i was going to missed my dear niece n nephew, Hana & Naufal's concert but alhamdulillah we've made it on time. I was rushing all d way from my cousin's house in Sri Hijauan, Shah Alam. My watch showed that the time was already 1.30pm and i was still in Shah Alam..OMG..ive really got to speed up since i need to pick up my darling hubby at KLCC Convention Centre(he has got a conference since morning)..and really have to go back home to solat zohor and siap2 to reach Balai Risda in Jalan Ampang before 3pm. Balai Risda from our home is very near but it seemed that its so near yet so far. The traffic was really bad, bumper to bumper..the time was ard 2.50pm and we were still stuck on the opposite road of Balai Risda. All of a sudden, my hubby did a very brave impact maximum + evolusi kl drift stunt..haha..i was shocked but TARAAA..terus sampai Balai Risda in split second..ure my hero..haha..i had a great time..really enjoy all the performance. Naufal is 3 years old so his group was the first to perform. Comel Sangat..Enjoy the photos
this is naufal n his classmates performing really cant remember the title of the song..tp mmg super duper cute!

....and this is hana n her partner shafiq..hana can really dance. So proud of her! Love you munchkin!
Its me n my sister in law, Kaklong..................................................
and last but not least, me n my hubby yaddiie yg sudah botak.....comel kan?hehe