Monday, April 27, 2009

" i like to move it..move it"

Just got back from my regular monthly check up and alhamdulillah, everything went well. My baby has been developing very good, has started moving was so amazing.I almost had a tear falling. Wish i have record it but i was too happy seeing those little feet kicking, and his body moving around..awww..just so really comel :) that i cant seem to think of anything else but our little cutie.

Ive passed the 1st trimester..Yeay..and no more morning sickness...another yeay..hehe. At the moment, i am pretty busy with work..urghh..not so yeay...and will be more busy this coming next 2 months..urghh!! euwwww :(

I wish i could write more but gotta things to work on. Before i signed off, I would like to thank my best friend Veen for the lovely gift..i so love the book and it does help me a lot! Yeay!Isnt it a good thing!
p/s:sekarang tgh seronok poco poco kat office..hehehe