Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The helper/maid is finally here!!

Hello everyone!Here's my new maid, Asma. Very young and hopefully she is as energetic as she looks since i am desperately need a helper to make sure the house is clean and insyaallah to look after our baby when he/she is born soon. A lot relief for me becoz god knows how stressful i was when the maid was not around. Being 8 months pregnant and still wanting to do the house cores like before does leave an impact on me esp emotionally. I guessed, that's when my hubby decided to have the maid early. Who can actually stand a grumpy wife..hehe..i was not that bad!

Now, it is high time for her to be trained. My feet n fingers has started to be swollen, i cant even write a single word. Now i am started to walk like a penguin..hehe..my mood swings are unpredictable and recently experiencing bad headache and tummy ache.
..I'm not complaining, just enjoying the motherhood moments :)