Saturday, March 28, 2009


My darling is back n he's ALL MINE..muahahahaha!
current mood:all day sickness..sleepy n craving for potato chips tomato flavor.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Syukur Alhamdulillah

I am 6 weeks pregnant :) My baby is still very small, at this stage my baby's heart is no bigger than a poppy seed but has now begun beating. I almost had a tear falling, after 1 year and a half waiting, finally me n my hubby get to experience the 1st moment listening to ur baby's heartbeating. It was a remarkable feeling.Syukur Alhamdulillah.

During the first trimester, I have to be extra careful. No more heels, no more eat everything i want, no more hoo haa..hehe..i spend most of the time talking to my baby, reading lots of academical books, reciting Quran and even put on my baby bump with earpiece of my digital quran, so that my baby can listen to Al Quran very much clearly.

I have started experiencing some very common signs of pregnancy but thank god no vomitting..oh only once..i cant stand the smell of durian.i vomitted and i found it hard to believe..i was a hantu durian n now i cant even stand the smell..weird huh?

Another not so good sign is i experienced some spotting. I went straight to Ampang Putri ER and fortunately my gyne, Dato' Dr Ashar was still around. According to him, light bleeding or spotting during pregnancy - particularly during the first three months - is fairly common. But its always good to detect early. I was given an anti-abort injection + some other medications and a week mc. I need a lot of rest.

An advice from a fren really motivated me. She said i should take it as a challenge. Be positive and insyallah u'll go through this. Yeah, i know i can do this, Insyallah, God's willing everything will smooth sail until the day i become a mommy. Segalanya merupakan ketentuan Tuhan.Aku redha.

Dear friends, please pray for me that everything will goes well as planned.Amin.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From the heart of Uncle Dell of his lost of his greatest brother/my beloved father in law,Sadar Khan bin Hydar Khan. Alfatihah to Sadar Khan bt Zaiton

Passing of a true gem
By HARESH DEOL March 02, 2009 Categories: Obituaries

IT USED to be a nagging half-an-hour ride on the ever-reliable Lambretta.
Today, it is still remembered as a melodious tune by former international and former FA of Malaysia general secretary Datuk Dell Akhbar Khan who lost his beloved brother Sadar Khan yesterday.Sadar, a former international and Selangor centreback, was 66.
“We used to go for training together and he would lecture me from the time I sat on his bike till we got home,” said Dell.“He was a tough brother both on and off the field. He used to always disturb me during our younger days and was a no-nonsense defender during our playing days.”
Dell stressed his brother was a tough last man and showed no mercy when taking on opponents.
“There was a match when I was playing with Police and he was with Selangor. I tackled (Datuk M.) Chandran and he was taken off the field. Substituting him was Sadar. He made my life difficult throughout the match and was constantly on my back. He showed no mercy, even though we were brothers.”
But the bond always remained, and it was the rivalry that pushed Dell to improve his game and become an international himself.
“He was the main reason why I made it to the national team. Sadar was my inspiration.”
Sadar played for Selangor in the 1960s and in the Merdeka Tournament winning team in 1968. Starting off as a school player, Sadar went on to play in every age-group tournament before donning national colours.Among his teammates then were Chow Kwai Lam, goalkeeper Chinna Karuppan and Chandran.Kwai Lam, too, remembered Sadar as a hard player.
“He was a quiet and soft-spoken man. Just don’t make him angry-lah,” said Kwai Lam, among the large number of former Selangor and national footballers, including Datuk Ghani Minhat, Mazlan Harun and Rahim Abdullah, who paid their last respects at Sadar’s residence in Taman Keramat yesterday.
“We won the 1968 Merdeka Cup after 14 years. Thirteen players in that squad were from Selangor.
“It’s very sad for me as I’ve lost two good friends (Foo Fook Chuan and Sadar) from the 1968 squad just months apart.” Fook Chuan suffered a heart attack and passed away in January.
Sadar complained of chest pains at about 2am yesterday and his family members took him to a nearby clinic. He took some medication and managed to get some sleep an hour later. Sadar usually joined a group of neighbours for their daily morning walks. When he didn’t get down to his daily routine, the family checked on him and discovered he had passed away.
Sadar leaves behind his wife Che Nah Shamsuddin, daughter Siti Sadarina, son Rashad and three grandchildren.