Saturday, September 27, 2008

Its time for housekeeping!

My house really needs a major housekeeping, the floor is so sticky, the windows are gosh very dusty, my car porch urghh dont mention it...Have not been able to do lots of thing lately due to my health reasons. So these are the things that needs to be done before my helper comes in this sunday.

1. To clear all the mess on the dining table - checked-
2. Curtains need to be washed -tomorow lah-
3. My 2nd living room needs a new arrgmt -checked-
4. My kitchen n dining - checked-
5.A lot more.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ramadhan Break Fast with My Peeps!

me with the bday girl!!

23rd Sept was Irda's 27th Birthday and we celebrated her bday over berbuka puasa at Cozy House, Great Eastern Mall. Mmg tak cukup korum..lily has got some other family engagement so its just the 4 1/2 of us...salfarania danisha is the other 1/2..hehe...nope..hana is not her mommy..danisha is qme's niece...she is so superrr adorable!!Alalalalala..seronoknyer hana!Yesterday..on the 25th, Me, Veen, Ifa & Shareb went break fast at The Mines..just for the ol' time sake.. hehe..i guessed all of us were kenyang angin bcoz we laugh all the time..kahakahakah..shareb is my best buddy during my college years and he is still single..a very nice guy( and got lotsa cash( u owe me big advert ni..haha..anyone me ok?hahaha..i am dead serious ok?? ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lailatul Qadr Nite

This happened years back..when i was in high school..i think it was 1994 to be exact. My ustazah shared with us on the magical of the holliest and most blessed night, the Lailatul Qadr, which is likely to occur on one of the odd nights on the last ten days of Ramadhan. I can still remember her expression but i cant really remember what she said except that me n my girlfriends, Ida, Sad and Roha got really stunned when our ustazah told us that during the lailatul qadr nite, kesemua tumbuh-tumbuhan,pokok-pokok akan sujud ke bumi..Woo..each and every one of us started to think how great it would be if we get to witness the lailatul qadr nite...(ingat ni malam apa?biasala zaman kanak2) we decided to stay up late that night..Roha&Sad came and slept over at my place. That makes it four of us, me, Ida(Ida a.k.a seeda is my cousin n also my roomate), Roha and Saadiah(Sad).This was wut actually happened that night..
After terawih, around 10 pm kita pun beramai2la duduk atas katil, bukak tingkap and enjoying my garden's view..dengan penuh harapan la konon2..the funny part was, siap pasang radio..we were chit chatting sambil tgk2 luar..until it was really2 late..but each and every one of us were still kept our eyes wide open..masih tidak putus asa..sampaila dlm pukul 12.30, my mom came to check us just before she went to sleep..this was her routine..and my mom suddenly gelak tak ingat and she said,

"macam ni nak tgk lailatul qadr, astaghfirullahalazim,mmg confirm tak dapat..kiter kenalah beribadat, baca Alquran ni borak2 siap pasang radio..dah TIDUR!"

With full of frustation inside, masing2 pun tidurlah. It was very funny yet unforgettable. Wut matters most is our niat but off course the way of doing it is also VERY important.Inilah antara kisah zaman kanak2 ribena ku...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome to Iza Wonderland

I cant seem to find a way how to fix my previous here i am. My dear friends, pls add to ur favorite link ...wink*

p/s:mari layan lagu RAYA!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

In the mood for raya 2008 Part 3: Oh wut a day!

Its 3 am in the morning and ive just finished making some nestum cookies.. i tell u what, if u feel like making cookies for raya, this cookies shd be on top of ur list.its easy to make and it taste GREAT!thank you lily for the recipe but Ive got to be honest here that my nestum cookies is not as good as it looks, my oven suddenly buat hal..wut a day..first,my blog n then my oven..urgh..dugaan bulan ramadhan..okay..I really need to doze off..nite!

Friday, September 19, 2008

In the mood for Raya Part 2

Coffee Almond Cookies
Feeling sick does not stop me from making cookies for raya. Today was quite hot and god knows how thirsty i was but at the end of the fasting hours, i can still put a BIG GRIN smile on my face because I am just so grateful that :
1. hubby's plan to go abroad was cancel until after raya..alhamdulillah.
2.managed to puasa although my doctor has advice me not to
3.hubby loves my coffee almond too!yummers!!
Will be making more cookies tomorow. I will try out Lily's recipe Nestum Cookies.OKay..time to terawih..bye!
p/s:meh layan lagu KAK PAH...sudilah rasa kuih ku..pilihlah yang mana satu..

Monday, September 15, 2008

In the mood for Raya:feeling blue for raya 2008

BBQ @Raya 2007
Sayu di hati dengar lagu raya..i feel blue when my mom told me that this year raya is gonna be a bit mellow since my brother may not get to celebrate raya with us due to Nina's best cousin Seeda is celebrating Raya in BJ since its his hubby turn this year (mcm tu la orang dah kahwin..huhu) and my sister Seela will only be back on 3rd Wanyong and her family has got some other plans that they will not balik kg ..same goes with my fave aunty, Wancu has lots of business during Raya so the likelihood she's joining us at kampung is rather slim.I think i know how my raya gonna turned out this year.
I am now hoping for miracle.p/s:kesian mak n abah, pagi raya tahun ni bersendirianlah nampaknya...
i miss u seela, alish n seeda :~(
..rindu teluk intan jugakkk