Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pelangi Petang

I cant help myself everytime i hear this beautiful song by Allahyarham Sudirman because if i did i will definitly burst into tears. Pelangi Petang has always been my all time favorite and why.. because it reminded me so much of my arwah Yong. I miss her very much...she left us 8 years ago.God loves her. She has to leave just like the Pelangi Petang..although we dont get to spend a lot of time with her but her beautiful smile will always remain in my heart. I love you Yong!Alfatihah buat Noormi bt Mohd Fahami.Amin

Pelangi Petang

Kumeniti awan yang kelabu
Kutempuhi lorong yang berliku
Mencari sinar yang menerangi

Kupercaya nanti suatu masa
Sang suria kan menyinar jua
Membawa harapan yang menggunung

Engkau tiba bagaikan pelangi
Tak bercahya namun kau berseri
Tapi cukup menghiburkan
Hati ini

Seharian waktu bersamamu
Tak terasa saat yang berlalu
Bagai pelangi petang
kau kan pasti
Pergi jua...

Friday, May 29, 2009

M.A.Y took me awhile to actually start writing...hmm..where should i start?

May 2009, the month begin with me getting the additional number or AGE or +1 to be exact I turned 29 but my 29 bday was not as fancy as my previous years. No Hooha celebration..Just me n hubby having dinner n spend some quality time was lovely.Thanks Hun!and.. yeah have a great bday lunch with Veen. Thanks for d lovely flowers.Love it!

May has been such a busy month for me...I'm working on 3 HR major projects and alhamdulillah all went well..we have recently successfully commenced teleworking in TM and I'm so delighted that my boss was tremendously satisfied with my work that he thinks that i deserve to have a rest for a week..can u believe it...yeay..and yes i am on leave until next Wednesday.

May I..Everyone..introduce you to YBhg Dato Abdul Aziz Abu Bakar, the Chief of Human Capital Officer of TM. He was formerly from Shell and this is Dato' giving an opening remarks during the commencement of teleworking in TM.The fat lady at the rostrum..that was me..emceeing!May has also been a horrified month when i had a very bad or should i call it the greatest pain of toothache..urghh..just imagine..i was emceeing an event live broadcast nationwide..while me having such pain of toothache, but still manage to smile, pretending everything was OK.At that point of time, i wish i can have a pain killer but NO No No..preggers can only prescribe paracetamol which doest help at all.

May all the pain dissapear...thank god my suffering moment ends when i finally decided to go to dentist to pull my tooth out. And..arghhh...NO!!it was even more painful..and i thought it will all soon heal but YES alhamdulillah..come the second day, i can now smile..becoz I'm okay now!alhamdulillah. Syukran Syukran

May was such a happening month..packed with celebrations, Mothers day, my mom's bday, my dad's bday, teachers day, youth day.. And wow sedar tak sedar its another half way to go for me to become a mommy..insyaallah. Amin
p/s:will upload pics soon..where on earth is my camera cable??hmm