Monday, June 7, 2010

Wassup Y'all

Wow..its been awhile.Would love to update more especially on Raisa's development but time is just not with me now.Raisa is 7 months plus and being seven god knows how pretty playful she can be,she wanted to explore almost everything.. she's started to walk slowly and keep on goo goo gaa gaaing.Her first word was MaMa and now started to call me "aammii"..aww she's just so adorable that i wish i could be with her all the time.

Raisa's daddy a.k.a My other baby :) is flying off again tomorow to Dubai and then to Turkmenistan.Looks like im gonna be left again :( but not alone this time :)

Okay thanks a lot for the wassup email and notes.Insyaallah will update more soon.