Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Raisa's 3rd Birthday - Barbie Birthday Party in Setiawangsa!!!

Hello...Yes!! Im still alive.After two years, today, i decided to blog again.And now im going to share about my baby who just turned three last week.

Theme as you can see is Glam Barbie and requested by the birthday girl herself. I always wanted a pastel color garden theme party for her but 'Raisa, your wish is my command baby!'

It was just a small do party at home for family and close friends. To make the event more interesting and meaningful for the kiddos, i have transformed our small car porch into Glam Barbie Wonderland :)

No biggie about the wonderland...just a small photo booth, desert buffet table, kids dining area, pinkish castle tent, pinata and baloons..baloons and baloons.

Here's the birthday girl in her glam dress.Isnt she lovely :P

We are still THREE.
Great moments with Raisa's fave aunties aka mommy's besties, Aunty Veen, Aunty Cat & Aunty Qme.
Raisa and her Maklang and cousins enjoying the delish glam cake by
Raisa's Aunty girl and sis Mira were so kind enough to host a make up session for the kiddos.The girls were all excited and lookin FABULOUS!!
Hitting the pinata was tough and absolutely not for 3 year-old-kid!Imran did the hit for Raisa and thousand of candiessss dropped all over the place.It was Madness!!
Alhamdulillah.Thank you Opah Raisa for kind enough to sponsor the food, Atuk Raisa for the fruits, Mama Raisa/Kaklong for the desert, Opahcu Raisa/Wancu for cooking super delish meal, Uncle Fasli for being such a patient 'door gifts' shopping buddy and everyone for making Raisa's Bday a success. We hope it was a memorable event for everyone and off course for the birthday girl.Raisa, r u enjoicee??
 Pic above: Close up of Imran, the Pinata boy! LOL!


Alizza said...

Hey..welcome back!!pls blog again!we miss u!!

Iza said...

OMG Alizza...cant believe to receive ur comment after soooo long!Hehe..will try my best babe!tc..miss ya too!!

Anis Salwati Binti Haji Hamidun said...

Happy 3rd birthday sweet lil Raisa! Too bad we can't make it!

Iza said...

Tq Anis for the wish :) Kan?wish you can make it but its year insyaallah