Thursday, December 10, 2009

Motherhood Rocks!!

Raisa is 1 month and 17 days today,which means i have not blog ever-since and i have another 13 more days to spent the Q-time with my precious Raisa. Its kinda scary thinking how time flies, still feels like as though she was still in my tummy, kicking and i only get to see those cute little face once a week via ultrasound, the minute i know, now she's on my lap, sleeping. Yeah..Raisa is so attached to me that she just want to be with me all the time.

Okay,well i have a lot to share, lets start with how Raisa finally decided to see the wait.. she was actually force to see the world..that's more like it..hehe.

As scheduled, I was induced for labor on Friday(23Oct) afternoon at 2pm. I waited for a few hours, there was no pain at all.My gut feeling strongly tells me that its gonna be long hours of waiting. Ive learnt from few friends that force labor requires extra patience because it can takes more than 24 hours to dilate...but thank god my gut feeling was wrong!!My water bag broke at 7.30pm. and labor i come!!

At 7.45 pm I dilated around 5 cms and still there was no pain which construed me to not opt for epidural.(what was I thinking????).

At 9pm, i was extremely excited..WHY?...becoz i get to watch 'Nurkasih'.20 minutes later..i started to feel the CONTRACTION. The pain was greater and greater. I was adviced to take the gas, which claimed to ease the pain, but hell NO..not only i can still feel the pain, i was drowsy, i got high and was completely not myself!I cant control myself, I was screaming...I saw my hubby's 10 faces.It was a nightmare. My prince charming came to the rescue, my hubby managed to calm me down and after the 3rd push attempted..Raisa has officially ready to meet her mommy and daddy.The time was 9.53pm.After 3 days and 2 nights stay at Ampang Puteri Premier Ward, my gynecologist has finally set us free, 'we're going home Raisa!Yeay....
....but not for long
. Raisa suddenly turned yellow n it was a red alarm for us.She was confirmed jaundice at 15.9 n had to be warded.I was almost crazy to be separated from her for 3 long days.I cried and cried but thank god Ampang Puteri Hosp is only 5 mins from home. Wut i did was, I stayed at the hospital from as early as 7 am till as late as 1 am. It was painful for me to watch my baby undergoing the photo therapy treatment.Fortunately, it was not for long. Raisa's jaundice reading was very positive that it has decreased tremendously from15.9 to 9.6 on the 2nd day and followed by 7.3 on the 3rd day. Raisa is finally back in my arms again. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Sleepless nights, joyful tears, joyless tears...a new chapter in life begins. A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

To Baby Raisa, Be a good daughter and always know, that no matter what happened, mommy will love you endlessly.


Veen said...

time flies so fast kan babe... our babies are both finally out! feel like it was only yesterday we were having lunch/coffee/lepaking together with our pregnant bellies. hehe :) sounds like Raisa is such a manja baby, like my lil one also. He sleeps soundly in my arms then when it's time to put him on his bed, he opens his eyes and wakes up. And I'm back to putting him to sleep again.

Hugs and kisses to baby Raisa and hope to see the 2 of u soon. Maybe we could all go out together soon. It wil definitely be a CHAOTIC day! Hahahaha!

Take care *HUGS*

Zalia said...

ure lucky,i hd to wait for 22 hours after induced.Raisa sgt comel.tahniah

Kak Miza said...

good to know ure happy.enjoy motherhood.will pay a visit soon.kiss kiss lil raisa :)

KhaLizsYaSya said...

i have to agree, motherhood totally rocks! congrats on your baby gurl :)

Anonymous said...

Shes beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

Shes beautiful:)