Monday, October 12, 2009

A surprise Baby Shower for my dear Veen!!

It took us one week to plan just about everything. I'm so glad it all went well despite me being 'not so well'.The funny part was Veen had no clue that we are preparing this for her. I have to made up stories just to drag her to the Apartment KLCC last Sunday. Thank god, it all turned out just as planned!

Anyway, My baby is still happily staying in my tummy...still enjoying all the nice food mummy is taking. Mommy is still waiting honey, but now, impatiently!
This gorgeous centerpiece is perfectly done by Yes. The baby shower favors, as u can see, the big milk bottle is actually a coins container decorated with ribbons and 'Its a Baby Boy' Hallmark cards are prepared by me.
I so love the purple n white helium balloons..Yes personally chose them since purple has always been Veen's fave color...and who would have ever thought that she would dress in purple top on that day?such a coincidence..she really did surprised us...aww so glad everything fell into places PERFECTLY!

The venue and food selection were done by me. The venue selection was basically based on the location, the coolest cafe that is the nearest to Ampang Putri Hospital, just incase if any emergency, u know what i mean ;). As for the food, I chose a bit of this and that, just to have varieties and the food are YUMMERS!! From left is steak sandwiches and on the right hand side is Peking Duck Crepe. The middle dish is my fave desert, "put it here,put it here"...hehe..yeah my Eton Mass..yummieee
Menu of the day:
Appetizer come main course
2 x Peking Duck Crepe
3 x steak sandwiches
3 x Baked Choc Pudding
2 x Eton Mass

All served in one go. And hey we managed to finished them all..hehe..its not a problem when u have 3 pregnant ladies, veen(9 months), cat(4 months +) & i(9 months +) in the house....we eat while we can!!
What most important is to make my dear friend Veen, happy!
"Veen, U have been so dear to me all these years and u deserve all the happiness in this world.Cant wait to see your cute lil' boy.Love you lots babe!Hugs**"

p/s: Thanks Yes, Cat & Naj for such a blast Sunday!


Anonymous said...

wow..such a sophisticated yet lovely baby shower

Anonymous said...

Glad everything fell into place PERFECTLY too !! Thanks Iza!! And yeah ...who would have thought she would show up in that purple top huh? But hey its been her fav color since forever ;)

Cant wait to meet ur bundle of joy {;o)

Alizza said...

apsal ko tak nampak pregnant ni?bestnyaaa

Veen said...

Babe!!! Words can't describe how happy and surprised I was! You were right, I had NO clue at all!! You all really got me :) Thank you for arranging such a lovely surprise for me despite being unwell and ready to pop! Love you loads and can't wait to come visit you when your lil' one is out! Hopefully we won't give birth on the same day! Hugs and kisses to you and my nephew/niece in your tummmy! *MUAHS*

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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